Between 2012 and 2016 I collaborated several times with the fashion industry. I started working as "on set video editor", doing editing and creative video drafts simultaneously with the shooting. I also directed and produced some scores for fashion films.

Right after, I was invited to collaborate with "Vogue Fashion's Night Out", a worldwide Vogue event. Responsible for the video production, I coordinated a nationwide shooting crew and delivered the first Vogue Brasil webseries. After this, I also directed two webdocs for the fashion industry. One was about Herchcovitch and the other one was about Chanel and it's famous jacket.
To celebrate the 20 years of the fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch, Vogue Brasil produced a photo session with the artist, his crew, wardrobe and models. I was invited to do a short webdoc about the process and was able to direct, shoot and edit the video.
Vogue Brasil and Chanel team up to produce an editorial about the most iconic jacket of the XX century. The editorial and the video were part of an exhibition called The Little Black Jacket. I was invited to to direct this short webdoc and to deliver a casual, but neat video.  
Vogue Fashion's Night Out is an important connection between high profile fashion industry and general fashion audience. I was in charge of video production and post-production coordination.