M³ is a 2008 project created by GGPE UNICAMP, Ministry of Education and National Educational Development Funding aiming to produce free online public High School courseware for mathematics, Brazilian Portuguese language, physics, chemistry and biology.
I started to collaborate in 2008 right after coming back from Japan, Waseda University, and it was my first job with education. As illustrator I was in charge to sumarize math courses using visual cues and specific elements. Also I was responsible to create scientific illustration for more complex and precise exercises such as maps, mathematical graphs and 3D representations.

Aligning with social and environmental concerns, almost all illustrations were made using two colours and a vast library of textures, reticles and patterns.
The team was a partnership between professors and students from Mathematics, Physics, Arts, Programming and Education departments. The team aimed to produce a courseware that was accessible and compatible with the Brazilian reality.