Abe is a 12-year-old kid from Brooklyn. A passionate cook, he decides to unite his half-Palestinian, half-Israeli family by cooking a special dinner, but it all goes wrong. The movie stars Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things), and features Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad) & Seu Jorge (City of God).​​​​​​​
I worked as concept artist and lead visual effects artist:
- Conceptualize the internet life of Abe, the main character played by Noah Schnapp.
- Create the motion design.
- Internet and gaming culture researcher, including gifs, icons and memes.
At first it was a series of computer screen scenes, but just after the concept art video development, the director Fernando Grostein Andrade trusted me the task to redo several moments of the movie based on the ideas from that concept.

The producers decided to create a small animation / post-production art department. Together with Arthur Stickel and other art directors and assistants, we created an incredible library of webpages, backgrounds, icons, memes, templates, glitches, special effects and simulated computer screens, all animated. Research content, copyright department and image production was also part of the team.

We ended up helping with +10 minutes of the movie, always aiming to amplify the understanding of key scenes and subjects, including emotional development of the main character and his private digital world. It was my first time doing an international feature film and I'm really thankful to be part of this incredible team. A special thanks to the executive producer Andrea Giusti, the director Fernando Grostein Andrade and the post-production coordinator Lili Carvalho for the partnership.