#10 - Clara - 1st place at Southeast Competition at EXPOCOM 2007.

It started as a photography homework during my 6th semester in Media Studies. The idea was to try constancy at the photography practice. Stick to a methodology, pursue a theme and go deep in post-production to fine tune image aesthetics.

I went to Santos for several weekends and took candid portraits during 6 months. I also started to research about digital image creation, the relation between representation and artificiality, and the understanding of the image recording as raw material to digital imagery.

#09 - Cesar & Jane

Using a selection of photos and a some heavy digital effect tools, I developed a series of 10 panels called Balloons. The deterioration of the reality in contrast with the characters development though their imaginaries created by visual alignments and associations, gave me space to experiment and find deep sensible visual narratives.

#02 - Oscar

The process encouraged me to push the boundaries of what I believe reality is, making me test the photography limitations at the beginning of the XXI century. The project led me to present a research at INTERCOM and gave me the opportunity to participate at EXPOCOM, the biggest exhibition for communication students in Brazil.

#08 - Priscilas