During my collaboration with Mixer Films I was invited to be lead video editor of this amazing project. "Viver para Lutar" is not just about the martial arts, but how cultural exchange and sharing though sports could lead us to major social improvements. Presented by Rodrigo Minotauro, a former Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion, the series goes to Japan, Thailand, Russia, South Korea and EUA looking for history, sports technique, martial artist masters and a lot of funny moments.

Promo video for the 2nd season.

One of my challenges was to edit in different languages. I was able to edit in Japanese and English without transcripts. Right after I did in Russian and Korean with transcripts. It's really challenging to edit content for other countries that you know so little about it. To make it right I had to study not only about the martial arts itself, but also History, cultural differences, the language and political aspects.