Recorded at several important spots for the black community in São Paulo, the production delivered a very strong imagery, mixing different women generations and documenting a very powerful event at Aparelha Luzia.
We decided to keep technically small and get closer to the action, maintaining intimacy and cinematography freedom. I learned so much with this project: dialogue, equality, commitment and respect. About technical aspects, it was extremely challenging to shoot almost everything by myself with a small gimbal DSLR setup. From the car images to the dances at the party, I tried to preserve a documentary aesthetics, delivering portraits of this important moment of the black community in Brazil. 
Director: Day Rodrigues
Codirector, Cinematography and Editor: Lucas Ogasawara
Production designer: Jandilson Vieira
Portraits at Aparelha Luzia: Pétala Lopes
Color Grading: Maísa Joanni
Costume: Hélio Moreira Filho
Make up: Daniele Da Mata e Jhonny Bodonni
Executive Production: Nancy Silva/BenzaDeus Produtora
Production:  BenzaDeus Produtora, Day Rodrigues e Dani Nega