The Departure

Clara is a little girl madly in love with the Moon.
When you're a six-year-old, what do you do if your loved one goes away?
Supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture in 2009 and sponsored by PETROBRAS in 2011, "The Departure" (A Despedida) is my first project as director after graduation.
Started with a screenplay and a concept art, followed by a storyboard, fund raising, casting, production design, set planning, children's actors workshop and rehearsal, digital shooting in three locations, image archive research, editing, special effects, soundtrack, foley, sound mixing and color grading. The short film had a 35mm and DCP distribution.
During production, the producer Maíra Martinez was able to deliver an incredible workflow suitable for a shooting set with a 6 years old, amplifying the creativity during the process. Also, she built the perfect combination between organization and freedom. Until today, is one of the best production workflows that i have been.  
As experimental part of the process, the post-production period gave me the opportunity to research image editing using space related images, pop culture aesthetics and the recorded images. The study became part of the movie, an intense visual content to complete the storytelling that I was looking for.
The mix between NASA images archives, relevant pop culture moments and the impressive work of Maria Eduarda Temoteo, brought the movie to another level of visual narrative. It was a important moment in my life, when I realized the power of image editing.  
Also I create the promos, trailer and social media. In 2013 the Facebook page reached the incredible milestone for a short movie of 10.000 subscribers.